When a Flatbed Tow Truck is Needed

Vehicles are much safer when being towed on a flatbed tow truck.

Roadway Flatbed Towing
towing the car and work

Who wants to deal with their car breaking down in and around Escondido? Nobody.  When it happens to you it’s good to know all your towing options, what’s available, what’s necessary, and the cost of it.  Understanding your options will ultimately save you money and overall stress.  From 4×4 to motorhome and semi-truck towing, there is a tow truck service available for just about anything! One of the most versatile towing services is the flatbed tow truck.

A flatbed tow truck has a long flatbed that the car is placed atop in place of dragging it from behind like regular tow trucks.  This is beneficial for completely totaled cars or cars with flat tires that cannot be dragged. Functioning tires are needed with regular tow trucks in order to be dragged behind. 

  • If you are traveling long distance, use a flatbed truck so your tires aren’t completely shredded.
  • Totaled cars can’t be towed by regular dolly towing trucks, so they are placed in the flatbed tow truck.
  • Vintage cars are a source of pride and joy to car owners. If you are bringing it to a car show, using a flatbed tow truck can save your car from any damages and keep it covered.
  • Any shape and type of car be towed in a flatbed truck. From SUVs to compact cars and motorcycles, no other tow truck can tow as many car options.
  • Going over a bumpy road with a dolly tow truck can inflict more damage on a car. That won’t happen with a flatbed tow truck.

Should you ever get a flat tire and don’t have a spare, you can call Roadway Towing at 760-747-3335.