Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Roadway Towing FAQs

Q: Do you have flatbed tow trucks available?
A: Yes, we use flatbed trucks as required by type of car, truck or RV.

Q: Who makes up the impound fees?
A: All towing companies are regulated by the state of California.

Q: What if I report my vehicle as stolen?
A: All towing companies are required to report all impounds immediately to local law enforcement and receive a tow report number. This prevents falsely reporting a stolen vehicle and assists owners in determining where their vehicle is located.

Q:How long will you store a towed vehicle?
A: Typically, we will begin the lien sale process after 35 days of impound.

Q: Is your impound lot secure?
A: Yes, we fully lit and secured locations with state-of-the-art security cameras. Employees are the only individuals allowed in our lots, so you can be assured that both your vehicle and belongings are safe.