Understanding Some Common Car Problems

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Understanding Some Common Car Problems

There exist two general types of car problems: relatively simple issues that nevertheless lead to roadside breakdowns; and the complex mechanical troubles that can kill a car for good. For the first group, simple maintenance practices on the part of the owner can prevent their occurrence. As for the second group, you’ll need to recognize the signs for repair, and have it performed as quickly as possible.

Common Reasons for Roadside Breakdowns

Out of Gas: Of all the car problems you might encounter, this one has the easiest solution. Never allow your car to fall below a quarter-tank of fuel, and you’ll avoid any long treks to a gas station.

Flat Tire: Sometimes, cruel fate leaves a nail or screw squarely in the path of your vehicle. While you can’t avoid every flat tire, you can check the status of your treads and maintain the recommended tire pressure.

Engine Trouble: Though a broad category that covers many possible issues, most engine troubles share a primary and early symptom. Keep an eye on your gas mileage. If it ever starts to decrease, it signals that your engine is using more fuel to struggle through some issue.

Dead Battery: Many drivers take their batteries for granted and forget that they only last for around three years. If your headlights seem dim, or your power windows begin to operate sluggishly, have your battery changed.

Lockout: Though everyone’s done it at least once, the commonness of this issue makes it nonetheless embarrassing. Always keep a spare set of keys in your home. If you plan to take a trip with a friend or partner, let them carry the extra set. Call us for an immediate tow or roadside assistance. (760) 747-3335